Reframing Heritage Education in Egypt

The main aim of the project is to redevelop heritage education in Egypt by creating a generation of qualified Egyptian specialists in heritage education in different aspects of heritage studies; a discipline which is of extreme importance in Egypt. Moreover, it aims to develop research in the field of heritage education by introducing new technologies in documenting, preserving, presenting and interpreting heritage collections.

Project Objectives

  • Capacity building of educational institutions staff, who are in charge of heritage education in Egypt through training courses, workshops, seminars and staff mobility.
  • Formation of an educational network, “Heritage Education Forum” to share experiences among archaeology, history, culture, and heritage programs in Egyptian Universities.
  • Creation of a multi-level education program in heritage education (post graduate Diploma and Master Degree) to be offered to school teachers, university staff, graduates of the Faculties of Education and Pedagogy who wish to specialize to be history and social studies teachers, staff working at the educational departments of heritage organizations; employees of the Ministry of antiquities; Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism; and to all graduates of cultural heritage-related disciplines (archaeology, history, tourism, history of arts, anthropology).
  • Development of supportive teaching materials for heritage education.
  • Creation of an outreach public program (training courses and practical modules) in heritage education.
  • Capacity building & training on Diploma / Master teaching for university staff.
  • Utilization of new technologies such as advanced 3D laser scanning and virtual modeling techniques for the benefit of heritage students, researchers and the public at large.
  • Development of virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile applications for a number of cultural heritage sites.
  • Creation of online ICT environment and interface in EG partner universities for presenting the created ICT models, the virtual environment, interactive control and online campus.

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